Join our BrainJam in DC on October 9

If you believe as I do, that WE can accomplish more together than we can alone, and you live in the DC area, please join me this Friday morning October 9, 2015 as we bring back the original social good unconference with our first BrainJam in DC in almost 10 years. Back then, as now, we see the power of a connected society as an invaluable source of good for society, if only we can discover the people, ideas and resources we need to make the impact we desire in our noble pursuit.

Going beyond the origins of those first BrainJams, we now have a set of community collaboration tools to support participants before, during and after we gather together. With a combination of Slack and Will Someone, we are able to talk to each other and discuss important issues with the community, ask for the help you need to get more done and stay on top of all the things you promised to do for others, and all the things they promised to do for you. In so doing, we are creating a community focused on getting more things done then we are on simply talking about them.

So if you are in civic tech, coworking and/or social good. If you are working on an important project to make the world a better place. If you have time and are trying to find projects where your contributions can make a difference. Or if you simply want to meet other likeminded people to see what is going on in the world today, please join us this Friday October 9, 2015 in Washington, DC as we begin to make our noble pursuit a reality.

What is the noble pursuit of We Are The Solution? That we can find more ways to change the world for the better through cooperation and collaborative problem solving then we can through oppositional politics. That we need to slow down to understand our commonalities and see our common humanity before fighting over our differences. That together, WE are the most powerful force on the earth, and WE can do anything we put our minds to doing.

United we stand, divided we are falling. Let’s get back up, let’s help each other stand up and let’s walk arm in arm into a better tomorrow.