A #BetterWorldPeace and prosperity. Public safety and economic opportunity. It’s not only what we want, it’s what we need as a global human family. Together, they are the solution to our current world problems.

The violence in the world will never stop, until we come together to stop it. Violence only begets more violence, creating an endless cycle that only serves to breed more fear, more hate and ultimately more terrorism.

This is why I have started Rysing Tyde. It’s my belief that we can lift all people to their greatest potential. Through Rysing Tyde, I want to unleash the hero that is within each and everyone of us, the peaceful warriors fighting for a better future for ourselves and our children, just as my mom fought for me to get advantages that have made me who I am today. We can no longer stand silently on the sidelines, it is time for each of us to take responsibility for the world we have and the communities in which we live.

It is our mission to inspire, empower and support those who are unifying society, creating peace through opportunity, and emphasizing the importance of shared value, distributed fairly to each according to their contribution. An exchange of value for value, whether that value is a good feeling, an experience, other resources, or money. Self determination is both a right and a responsibility that belongs to all.

What We Must Do

If everyone believed in an “eye for an eye,” no one would be left to see the beauty that is the world. No one would see the joy of a baby’s smile, the potential for their life that lays ahead. No one would see the beauty of sun rising on a perfect blue sky day as we gather with our families and loved ones.

We must convince our loved ones that retribution for a past injustice is not an option. A stone leads to a bullet, and a bullet leads to a bomb. Usually, the bomb leads to more misery for everyone, and a lifetime of hatred for those who brought the bomb. No one wins in these scenarios. But the systems of justice must be truly just in order for this to become a new reality. Violence and terrorism is more often a result of an injustice, whether perceived or real. This is why I believe that our increasingly transparent society will inevitably lead to this future.

Holding onto past transgressions makes it impossible to move forward towards a better future, towards the better world of our dreams. What we need is forgiveness, compassion and empathy. We need love for ourselves, our families and our communities. We need love for those we have seen as our enemies, but whom we must now see as our brothers and sisters, as members of our human family. We need to stop looking at the world through the lens of the past, and start using the lens of the future.

We must point forward, not backward. We need to connect our tribes, our churches, our football teams, our schools, our coworkers, and our friends. We must make an intentional effort to connect with different cultures and communities.

We must also come to an understanding that no human can demand subservience and oppress those unlike themselves in color, culture or character. Doing so is just as evil, if not worse. With equality, liberty and fraternity as universal human values, we must stamp out xenophobia, racism, discrimination, oppression, and the fear of others.

We must seek out new ways to move forward together – one person, one family, one community at a time. We must choose who we are as a society, and what we want our society to be. In order to protect the freedom and equality of all, we must also enforce limitations on one person’s practical ability to infringe on, or hurt, another. This means we must define that infringement and pain in plain terms that can be learned and upheld by all, including fair consequences with a bias towards forgiveness for those who recognize their mistakes and misdeeds.

This is why I believe that the hopeful, beautiful lives we imagine for our children may just be the one thing that can unite our human family. This is one big step towards the beginning of peace and prosperity for all. While we may need to fight to make this world a reality, it is how we choose to fight that will determine the outcome. If we fight like Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. did, with love, reason and compassion, we may have a chance of seeing that better world in our lifetime instead of seeing it all fall to ruin.

We must stand for and choose the world we want to live within. It is in our power to choose to design it for the optimum benefit of ourselves, our families, and everyone else. To continue to exploit, to oppress, to marginalize, and to deny is to continue a world of violence. A world where every attack requires us to attack back to show our strength, instead of reaching out with an open hand to reach for what may be possible. We need unity, forgiveness, love, and alignment of our common interests. That unity may only come from the hope that our children might have a chance to see true beauty, to achieve their dreams and to achieve our dreams for them. That unity will only come from slowing down enough to see we are all part of one human family, to talk with each other, to seek to understand others.

To do this work we must break free from what we know, from how we were treated by our imperfect parents, and they by theirs. We must break free from the commercialism and the radical religious beliefs that reinforce a world of us and them. We must break free from the belief that my god is better than your god. We must choose what life we want, what world we want, and we must learn how to live together with others who have different beliefs insofar as they don’t infringe upon our rights and abilities to live our lives.

To do this, we must look at the world honestly and holistically. It’s not as simple as the pundits and pontificators would have you believe with their message tested sound bites. It’s messy, it’s chaotic, and in that chaos there is beauty with complexity. That chaos is the essence of humanity. While we are all one, part of the same human family, we are different versions of the same one, constantly reshaped as time flows over us as water flows over a riverbed. There are people who will need to be incarcerated and terrorists who will need to be killed. Just as there are people who can be legitimately rehabilitated to become valuable contributors to society.

The terrorism of today is an almost continuous cycle of striking out and striking back that has gone on for millennia, mostly in pursuit of power. More recently we’ve seen this game played out in front of us in real time through the media, and it feels like there is no end in site, no hope left. Only anger and hate swelling beyond our hearts and bursting into the cafes and concert halls onto the innocents of our human family.

It must stop. Only we can stop it. And we will. Starting today. By talking with each other instead of yelling at each other. By working together with the intention of creating a #BetterWorld.

What You Can Do Now:

Take action. Become a part of the Rysing Tyde. Join our community today and work with us together to design and create a better world for our benefit and for our children. Join us next year for a Global Day of Giving Thanks. Take a simple action to help build the bridge to greater understanding and unity. Share a meal with part of your human family from different cultures. Celebrate the better world we are creating together. Explore how much you have in common instead of arguing about what you don’t.

We’ve just started an IndieGogo campaign to raise money to build the Rysing Tyde organization in pursuit of a better world for all. To build the infrastructure needed to enable us to come together, to facilitate human connectivity, to enable people to discover their greatest potential and to organize the Global Day of Giving Thanks as one project among many.

If you want to help us make this better future a reality, if you are willing to play your part in building a better world together, support our Indiegogo campaign and join our community.

What it is, is up to us. So let’s make it awesome together.