brainjamcollage-brainjamsfPlease note: Join us in London on Friday 30-October and Dublin on Monday 2-November.

This quest has been my noble pursuit for most of my adult life. How change happens in an instant, but we often get stuck believing that we will only have the world we have today. To dream of solving our biggest challenges is to believe in an unrealistic utopia. To say we are working on making a better world, we become the butt of the joke on HBO.

If we do nothing, we know what we will get, more of the same. So it’s time to do something different. It’s time to leverage our insights, our experiences and our technology to create a global ‘social machine’ of change makers, connecting to each other to make the change we want to see in the world. To come together and connect people, ideas and resources in a way that only we can when we are inspired and aligned around common purpose and objectives. When we can learn from each other and work together to create more impact then we ever might be able to accomplish alone.

We know better, so why don’t we do better? This is the purpose of We Are The Solution, and the BrainJams events we are organizing around the world. To gather people together who share a common sense of hope, a desire to help one another and a willingness to take action to make the change we most want to see in the world. This was our purpose 10 years ago when we first launched BrainJams, before we ‘pivoted’ and grew Social Media Club to reach over 350 cities around the world. It’s what we have begun anew, with a focus on connecting you with other ‘old souls’ to amplify your potential, to manifest your dreams and to solve the most difficult challenges we face as a society.

Whether your cause is public safety and social justice; education and personal development; economic opportunity; or health and well being, you already know that together, We Are the Solution. So let’s come together and help each other create a more successful, respectful and civilized world though our startups, our causes, our connections and our communities. The time is clearly now. We can no longer afford to be held hostage by the extreme fringes of society and remain silent to the injustice and inequality that we’ve allowed to run rampant for the benefit of a few at the expense of the many.

Together, we can accomplish anything. If we do it with positive and transparent intentions, you can benefit as society benefits. It’s not a zero sum game any longer as it was in our feudal society. How do I know this to be true? Because I have seen the power of people helping people. Having hosted several BrainJams over the years, the one we held on 22-October-2015 in San Francisco was even more energizing then the ones we hosted at SRI HQ, UC Berkeley, KRON4 Studios, Microsoft San Francisco and The Improv in DC.

As we look forward to bringing the BrainJam to London this Friday evening 30-October-2015 and to Dublin on 2-November-2015 before Web Summit, we wanted to share some of the feedback we received from participants at our recent San Francisco event. But first, a little bit of what to expect. After networking, our founder Chris Heuer will speak briefly about the bigger vision we are manifesting as a new reality, how we will stay connected to help each other after the BrainJam and what you can do to help build this community.

We will each then spend a few minutes independently thinking about and crafting our answers to these question to share with others – What is the change you are trying to make in the world? What is the help you need to make progress towards that goal? One of the pieces of advice we got from Internet pioneer Justin Hall was that he was able to refine his pitch and sharpen his requests over the course of the event, making it even more powerful beyond the connections he made. After some time for introspection on this question, we will separate into two groups and have a series of one on one meetings until we run out of time.

Some feedback from participants at our BrainJam in San Francisco last week:

Real Time, Real World, Will Someone. Mutual sharing of needs, hopes, and dreams. both tactical short term and strategic longer view. Lots of new friends! — Ted Tagami, Magnitude


The BrainJamSF gathering makes me realize that we ALL are working on careers/projects/passions with which we need help. Sometimes the help is occasional or immediate and sometimes the ask is long-term/directional/pivotal. Where I am weak, someone else is strong. Psychologically, we feel less alone too, and more IN THIS TOGETHER. When people, who are willing to work collaboratively, actually meet face-to-face, we break down the “reach-out” walls making it easier to plan and imagine. Operationally, the tools help us realize these goals. Possibilities open up. Occasionally we are blessed to be in the same place physically, to look into each others eyes and speak frankly about our dreams and desires. We can’t always be in the room together. BUT we can lock arms and virtually help each other. — Tina Gilmor, G3 – Gilmore Gang Studios

Truly unbelievable experience. I came with least expectations but went home with lots of takeaways (literally). *Thanks Kristie* I just quit my job and focus on my startup now, and I appreciate the fact that I could meet Chris, Fred and Marc who’s veterans in tech startup space. Fred has vast experiences in tech media publishing and he’s exactly the kind of mentor I’ve been seeking for. Lots of great people, too little time. Can’t ask for more. Law of attractions never fail me. Huge thank you! —Heislyc Loh, Startup Community leader visiting from Malaysia

Now that we are bringing the BrainJam from San Francisco To London and Dublin, we hope you will be able to join us. Invite your friends. Help us make the change we all want to see in the world by investing a couple of hours to meet your extended family, your brothers and sisters in arms, fighting to make the world a better place, just like you are, but totally different. We are the change we want to see in the world, so its time that other see you so they might be able to help you. Join us.