Join our BrainJam in DC on October 9, 2015In making We Are The Solution come to life, we are going to follow a tried and proven path. The same path that lead to the creation of Social Media Club, but focused on a different purpose for coming together and certainly with a different structure and output. So if you are interested in being a part of a new global movement, if you believe we need to come together to solve our problems cooperatively, if you believe we can make a better world together, then join me next Friday morning in Washington, DC for our kickoff event.

While we still need to find an appropriate venue and I have no idea how many people may come out given how many other events there are happening in our connected world today, I hope you are able to come join me for this noble pursuit. Whether it’s in a corporate office, a coworking space or in a coffee shop, it will happen – rain or shine as they say. The first BrainJam in DC back in January of 2006 set a cap of 120 people, and we had 18 people come out, including a few who will be back this time like Todd Tweedy (who I see has already registered) and hopefully Andy Carvin (my public invite to you).

While the higher purpose is still broad and perhaps nebulous, in the process of being refined to a stronger mantra, the practical purpose is simple. It is in the same spirit that I launched BrainJams 10 years ago – to connect people, ideas and resources so that each of us may be more successful living our life’s purpose. So each of us may be more powerful in our dream of creating a better world, of healing our broken world, and of solving a big hairy audacious problem we see in the world. So that we can create a community of communities from different backgrounds and interests, where we can connect across the aisle, across our cultural divides and begin the process of coming together anew. United we stand, divided we are falling. There is a better way, and it requires us to take it… together.

Who: Civic Tech, Digital Strategists, Govies (Gov 2.1 anyone?), Community Leaders, Story Tellers, Problem Solvers, 18F Team Members (hint, hint), maybe some of the GovLab fellows from Deloitte (hinting again) and any concerned/interested citizens.

When/Where: October 9, 2015 830am-1030am. Location TBD. I am staying in Crystal City, but am thinking downtown DC to be central. Maybe Busboys and Poets? If you have a venue or are able to help, please contact me or leave a comment below.

What is it: Today, on Thursday October 1, 2015 we are hosting a Blab to discuss the organizational formation and purpose further. When we get together next week in DC, the plan is simple, I will share my vision and inspiration in a short talk. Then we will get down to connecting and helping each other to move forward with our noble pursuits, to make this world a better place, together. This takes the form of 10 five minute meetings, a sort of speed dating where each person shares what it is they are working on and asks for help with one or more specific need (we will also be using a Will Someone community to make our asks visible to all participants, even those you don’t meet). During the course of these conversations, we set the intention to connect each other with the people, ideas and resources we know who may be helpful for their cause. Make sense?

For a little more info, you can go directly to the Eventbrite page for our We Are the Solution BrainJam in DC or simply register for your spot below. We are not charging anything for this, but if you can donate even a few dollars to our efforts, that would be greatly appreciated.