BrainJams Berkeley 2006It occurs to me that most activism, and the ‘training’ given to other activists is based on opposition instead of cooperation. If we can’t see ourselves in the other, we are doomed to failure as the politics of opposition only breeds defensiveness and more opposition. This is what’s wrong with America today (one of the things). We no longer approach our togetherness or sense of community as US, we engage it as ME, sitting at a computer or wandering the world on our mobile phones.

We need more face time with each other. We need more understanding. We need more solutions that create an environment of trust and respect. We need love for each other like the love we have for our brothers and sisters. Just as Jesus and most every other spiritual leader has given the world in their words and deeds. It’s time for a movement to counter the pendulum swing that social media created pushing our ego through these keyboards.

It’s time for us to Jam together, with each other, with the other. To get out of our filter bubble and back in the world, face to face, helping each other to make this world a better place. We know better, so why don’t we do better. Why? because of the context in which we are engaging each other from behind these screens. Screens that within the right context, with the right intention and with the right actions can be so powerful as to unite the world… or continue to divide our society at the peril of our own extinction.

Just because we have different beliefs or experiences doesn’t mean we are different. We are all skin, bones and blood, pretty much all descended from a common ancestor out of Africa according to DNA evidence. It’s time for us to become a family again.

I’m working on a project we will be pushing out to Kickstarter in the next month or two to solve this problem in a very specific tangible way that will improve the lives of everyone.

10 years ago today, the day after the first BarCamp, I was inspired to start working on bringing the Unconference movement to a wider audience. We created BrainJams (the precursor to Social Media Club San Francisco & Global) to connect people, ideas and resources so that we could see the greater humanity that unites us all and to help those of us trying to be part of a solution to advance towards that brighter future together. Today, Will Someone​ is striving to become a better way to ask for help to transform the status quo, to live our dreams and to make a difference together.

I’m excited to announce that we will be bringing BrainJams back this fall as I travel around the country and over to Europe for Web Summit with a stop in London and hopefully around the world. If you were around in the early days, you know what that magical time felt like back in 2005-2007. We need that magic now more then ever. We need a revolution focused on solutions. We need you to be a part of it. If you are interested in helping us truly make our world great, greater than ever. Please sign up for this new email list and stay engaged in the conversation and help move it forward by sharing your insights, ideas and opportunities to create new solutions with the hashtag #WeAreTheSolution